The New Northwoods


Gym Remodel and Expansion Project 2016

Design concepts - January 2015


Please note: All designs are premilinary and subject to approval.

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Renewal of Northwood is Complete!


PLEASE NOTE: Owners can review any of the following documents or records concerning the project in the manager’s office:

  • All project permits---both pre-construction and development.

  • The overall project development and construction plan.

  • The project construction schedule.

  • A spreadsheet or other document, that can be updated from time to time, describing the name and contact information for the general contractor, each major subcontractor, and each major materials supplier.

  • Copies of the construction agreement between the association and the general contractor and copies of the architectural agreement between the association and the project architect.

  • A copy of the construction rules and procedures utilized by the association and the general contractor.

  • Summary information concerning all insurance coverage that is pertinent to the project.

  • Contact information for the project manager and the onsite construction superintendent.

  • The architectural plans and specifications for the project.

  • Periodic progress reports from the general contractor and summaries of any testing concerning hazardous materials or pollution.

As part of the renewal project, common boiler plant equipment for the Pool, Jacuzzi, Snowmelt and Hot water heating and storage systems will be upgraded and replaced during the 2015 construction period where possible.

Northwoods Gym Remodel and Expansion Project



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