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Letter to Northwoods Owners - March 16, 2015

Dear Northwoods Owners,

The end of the 2014/15 ski season is approaching along with the start of major work on the exterior renewal of Northwoods along with a new Jacuzzi and changing rooms, new A & B building entries, B building boot lockers, and some improvements to our existing gym.

As explained at our December owners meeting, on our website and through individual notifications Northwoods will be closed to all occupancy from April 20th 2015 through November 20th 2015. If owners are coming to Vail this summer and need to access units or storage to pick items up, please email or several days prior to arrival to arrange access. Patrick and the rest of the Northwoods staff will be working throughout the project and will be around if owner assistance is required. Those requiring access will be required to wear a hard hat and safety vest while on site at Northwoods. As many upgrades are being undertaken at one time, many of our building systems and services will be shut down through the construction period for extended periods including water, hot water, gas, on-site office, and periodic safety system shutdowns.

Our Thanks goes out to all owners who participated in our series of eight interactive meetings. These meetings were very successful with many owners giving great input which has been considered by the renewal committee. Changes were made where the committee felt it was in the best interests of the project or for Northwoods in general, and the Renewal Committee intends to keep the costs in line with the costs all owners were notified of in December 2013. Our General Contractor, R. A. Nelson is currently updating the pricing to reflect changes made during these meetings and will be providing updated proposals to Northwoods in the near future.

On or about April 1st 2015, all owners will be notified of the assessment amount for each individual property at Northwoods. Many owners have requested proposals for additional items such as windows and this will be included as an option in that notification email. This amount will be invoiced in two installments of 50 % each, and the first installment will include the cost of any additional items requested. The first 50% installment and any extras will be invoiced April 15th and due May 15th, 2015. The second 50% installment will be invoiced on July 15th and due August 15th, 2015. Northwoods will provide the contact information for two local banks who have said they would be happy to look at financing for individual owners should any require it.

Thank you to all owners for your help and cooperation through this process and we look forward to welcoming all owners back to a new Northwoods for the 2015/16 ski season.
Warm Regards,

Dick Michaux and Don Childress
On Behalf of the Northwoods Renewal Committee.



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