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Letter to Northwoods Owners - March 3, 2014

After further analysis, the current plan is to renew the two F Buildings during the Fall construction season, with the exception that the contractor will be allowed to enter Northwoods to erect the scaffolding on the two F buildings starting August 18th.  But no work on the buildings will start until September 2.  Therefore, Northwoods will be open during the summer as usual. 

Later in the year, each of the A, B, D, and E buildings will have three scheduled interactive sessions with the architect so owners will be able to select from three opportunities to participate in a session and to provide feedback and comments on your building as well as the B Building common area.  The renewal of the F Buildings will be complete by Thanksgiving allowing owners to observe the new materials, colors and finishes during December thereby offering another chance to provide feedback and comments.  A vote regarding the A, B, D, and E buildings will then be scheduled to conclude only after owners have had all these opportunities to provide feedback and comments. 

Thanks for your patience and helpful comments. 
Don Childress, President of the Northwoods Board        
Dick Michaux, Chairman of the Renewal Committee


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