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Letter to Northwoods Owners - July 25, 2014

We want to update you on the exterior renewal progress of the F Buildings. 

This week the building permit was issued signifying approval by the Town of Vail to start this work.  Also this week a contract was signed with RA Nelson to perform the exterior renewal work for a guaranteed maximum amount which is, on average, $25,000 per home less than estimated last December and for the same work and a smaller project.  The Board is permitting RA Nelson to erect scaffolding on the F Buildings starting on August 18th in order to meet the completion deadline of November 26th.  Full work will not commence until after Labor Day. 

If you recall, the goals of this renewal are to create non-combustible exteriors and to modernize Northwoods at the same time.  In April, Northwoods achieved Town of Vail Design Review Board approval for the application of non-combustible materials on all buildings.  But only the F Buildings are currently contracted for exterior renewal and only after considerable consultation with those owners.  During the holidays all owners will have the opportunity to observe the modernization of the F Buildings.  At the annual meeting we can discuss the direction taken with the F Buildings and the implications for exterior renewal of the other four buildings. 

In early 2015, each of the A, B, D and E Buildings will have several scheduled interactive sessions with the architect so owners will be able to find a convenient time to participate in a session.  The goal is to give adequate time for feedback and comments on your building as well as the B Building common areas.  A vote regarding the change to the B Building common areas will be scheduled to conclude only after owners have had sufficient opportunity to participate in these interactive sessions and have your comments and suggestions considered. 

The renewal committee is looking ahead to the renewal of the remaining buildings during 2015.  We will discuss the cost implications of pausing construction for the 2015 summer season instead of building through the summer and completing the remaining buildings in one year.  You will be armed with this knowledge before asking for your direction about this decision.
The renewal committee is available for your questions at any time.

Don Childress, President of the Northwoods Board        
Dick Michaux, Chairman of the Renewal Committee


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