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Letter to Northwoods Owners - February 19, 2014

The official 60 day voting period expired last week without the necessary 67% yes vote of all owners to move forward in 2014 with the overall Northwoods renewal plan.  For those votes which were cast, 79% voted yes but the overall vote failed due to lack of participation.  Quite a few owners mentioned they were positive about the renewal concept but were not voting because they thought the renewal plan was moving too fast and without adequate opportunity for owners to review and to provide input.  The Northwoods Board and Renewal Committee have heard these remarks and will be meeting next week to discuss how to respond to these comments.  Under consideration are "Go To Meeting" sessions for each building with the architect where a 3 dimensional view of buildings will be available for owners to suggest changes and in real time those changes will be made and the effects seen first hand.  Then another vote will be scheduled for starting the renewal in 2015.
Alternatively, a plan is being finalized which would permit buildings which wish to move forward with their renewal plans to do so in 2014.  If the proposed renewal of any individual building does not change the footprint of the building or any of the sharing ratios for the building, no voting procedure is required in order to approve the renewal of that particular building.  So far the F buildings are considering renewal in 2014.  When this plan is executed then other owners can see the changes made.  Breaking up the work into two years will certainly ease concerns about the work schedule causing any delays in opening Northwoods in November for ski season.  Since this plan is not finalized yet, it is uncertain how Northwoods will operate this summer  --  construction access, parking and hours.  It is expected that Northwoods will be open this summer and the pool area available for use.  But there may be some construction taking place during normal working hours during the week.  We believe the benefits of a two year renewal project outweigh the potential disruption during the 2014 summer.
The renewal of Northwoods is an important safety and modernization project which has been received positively as a concept but needs better planning and consultation with the owners.  Thanks for your patience as the volunteer board and renewal committee members continue to plan a better way forward.
Don Childress, President of the Northwoods Board        
Dick Michaux, Chairman of the Renewal Committee


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