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Letter to Northwoods Owners - December 16, 2014

Update on the completed F Building renewal and renewal plans for Buildings A, B, D, and E and B Building amenity package – all to be presented at the Annual Meeting, December 29th for owner input

The renewal of the two F buildings is complete.  RA Nelson completed the exterior work on time and under budget.  We now have two non-combustible buildings, completely modern exteriors and uniform chimney caps, decks, railings and lighting fixtures.   This renewal represents the new Northwoods look.  During the Annual Meeting the architect will give a presentation of the renewal plans for the remaining buildings and the B Building amenity package.  In January the architect will hold interactive sessions over the internet for owners in each building.  During these two times, owners will have the opportunity to give the Board and Renewal Committee input for consideration as final plans are made to complete the renewal of the remaining buildings and the amenity package.  For those who cannot be in Vail over the holidays several photos are attached which can give you a flavor for the new Northwoods look.  Presentation boards will also be made available during January and February for review. 

The Board recently met and reviewed with the construction team the timing alternatives for completing the remaining work.  The A, B, D and E buildings are larger and offer different challenges for renewal work.  If the work would be restricted to the construction seasons of spring and fall, it would take four construction seasons or two years to complete under ideal assumptions of weather and minimal adverse conditions concealed behind the existing walls.  The staging and unstaging each season and the protracted construction schedule adds between 25% and 30% to the construction costs or approximately $30,000 per home above the estimate you received last year. The general contractor has feedback from the two prime subcontractors that they are not receptive to this plan and will not guarantee their availability for each construction season.  The same issue exists for the on-site general contractor staff.  The main problem is what to do with staff during the down time in the two summers.  All of this presents a serious issue for continuity of work and quality. 

As an alternative the general contractor and prime subcontractors have offered to honor 2014 pricing and continuity of staffing if all of the remaining work could be completed during 2015, working without interruption, starting in mid-April and completing just before Thanksgiving.  When challenged about completing this amount of work in one year, the general contractor assured that it could be done as momentum and efficiencies build on a large project.  After lengthy discussion, consultation with Northwoods’ attorney, and taking into account many aspects of the decision, the Board has decided to close Northwoods to occupancy from mid-April to just before Thanksgiving during 2015.  Over the next few weeks the Board will determine how to provide availability for owners to access cars, bicycles, storage lockers and items within their homes during the summer weeks.  We apologize for the inconvenience of the loss of the eight summer weeks after 35 years of availability, but we sincerely believe this decision is in the best interests of achieving Northwoods’ goals with the renewal and completing the renewal project efficiently, safely and economically.

Please attend the Annual Meeting on December 29th to participate in the presentation of the remaining work and to provide input for this work. 

Best wishes and Happy Holidays,

Don Childress, President of the Northwoods Board        
Dick Michaux, Chairman of the Renewal Committee

The renewal of the two F buildings is complete. 
RA Nelson completed the exterior work on time and under budget.


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