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Gym Remodel and Expansion Project 2016

Design concepts - January 2015


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Letter to Northwoods Owners - April 9, 2016

Northwoods Gym Remodel and Expansion Project

Your board of directors has approved a plan to remodel and expand the gym in the Spruce (B) Building. As part of this plan, Unit 218, which is owned by the Association and is located adjacent to the current gym, will be converted into common area space. This will permit us to design, equip and construct an expanded gym and achieve a substantial remodel of this entire corridor and area.

The gym expansion will be completed without the need for further assessments and will be funded from the reserve fund and renewal project savings.

Throughout the planning process, we have been sensitive to concerns about possible noise and vibration problems that may emanate from the remodeled gym. We have retained accredited sound engineering consultants and an academic expert to work with our architect and contractor to recommend sound and vibration attenuation design alternatives. The design will include engineered gym floors to minimize vibrations. The latest sound attenuation and sound isolation products will be incorporated into the structural components. In addition to installing new and quiet equipment, the uses for the gym have been programmed into two separate gym spaces to greatly reduce impact sounds and vibrations. Access to the gym spaces will be controlled to reduce corridor noise. The goal is to achieve a substantial attenuation of sounds and vibrations. The design parameters are being shared with the owners who are concerned about the impact of an expanded gym. In this manner, they can follow our design progress and the resulting sound isolation values.

The Association website will be updated with architectural/design renderings of the project as submitted for permit and will be updated again as the sound and vibration engineering direction is finalized. During the individual building calls last year and during our past two annual meetings, the vast majority of owners requested that the gym be expanded. The board agrees with these owners and we believe that an expanded and remodeled gym will augment the recently remodeled spa area and will be a substantial amenity for all owners, their families and guests. It will help us to maintain our prestige as a five-star location and also enhance our reputation as the premier family residential community in Vail.

Because construction of the project involves the elimination and conversion of Unit 218 into common area space, it is legally necessary for the Association to revise its current condominium plat map and schedule of sharing ratios. In order to accomplish this, we need to obtain the consents of at least 67% of the unit owner voting strength of the Association. Your board of directors, after appropriate consideration for the concerns of adjacent neighbors, unanimously recommends that you provide your consent for this project. You may do so by entering your consent electronically on the online ballot form that is being prepared by our online voting company. The ballot will be sent via email to the main point of contact the Association has listed for the home and full instructions for this electronic procedure are contained in emails that will follow in the near future.

Please complete the ballot within a week of receipt.

Thank you for your support for this project. We believe that it will benefit all of the owners in our community and will help to keep you and our property values healthier than ever during the coming years.

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