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Gym Remodel and Expansion Project 2016

Design concepts - January 2015


Please note: All designs are premilinary and subject to approval.

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Letter to Northwoods Owners - April 22, 2016


TO:  All homeowners within the Northwoods community
FROM: NCA Board of Directors
DATE: April 22, 2016
RE: Gym Expansion Project
Your Board of Directors is pleased to inform you that the proposed project to renovate and expand the gym has been approved by the necessary number of owners.  In fact, 92% of the owners who submitted ballots approved the project.  This is a very positive and gratifying response.  We believe that this project will be a very attractive amenity and will help to maintain high property values within our community.  Thank you for supporting this project. 

We have applied to the Town of Vail for a building permit and we are also finalizing the plans and all new equipment for the gym.  We have engaged consulting experts to develop state of the art design features to minimize sound and vibration issues.  We have programmed uses in the expanded gym space to also minimize sound and vibration issues.  We are finalizing the budget with RA Nelson Contractors.  As we have previously informed you, this project will be paid for with existing replacement funds and will not require any additional or supplemental assessments.  We believe the project will meet the high standards for excellence that we have come to expect at Northwoods.

Please let us know if you have questions or comments about this project.  We anticipate that construction will take place during 2016 and will be completed by the Christmas holiday season.  We do not anticipate that homeowners will experience any difficulties or inconvenience during the construction period.
Thank you again for your support and
approval of this project.



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